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I provide a bespoke professional service aimed at giving best value to clients.

I have spent over 25 years in the legal industry with a range of experience from small to the biggest city law firms. I have acted on behalf of wealth individuals and blue chip companies.

I was one of the first people to obtain Costs Lawyer status which gave me rights to litigate on costs related matters and grant me rights of audience up to the House of Lords.

As the litigation landscape moves into Costs Management (costs budgeting by another name) under Lord Justice Jackson reforms on civil costs. This is my particular area of expertise. My first article on the subject was published in Legal 500 in 1999.  I advised the Judges forum (30+ Judges) at the Royal Courts of Justice in 2005. I gave input on the Jackson LJ reforms and gave the practical aspects of Case Management at the CLAN annual conference in June 2009. One of my fellow speakers was Lord Justice Jackson, his first public presentation post publication of his interim report. My highest legal budget production during 2009 was £35 million.

My fees are based on a variety of methods from pure hourly rate,  percentage fees on result or a combination of both.

Please feel free to discuss with me in strictest confidence at jim@jimdiamond.com